Radiator Writing ... where the copy is hot!


    A professional writer and editor for more than 30 years and an independent contractor since 1995, Carmen has worked as a journalist, publicist, senior writer, editor, project manager, communications specialist, web content developer, and strategic thought leadership consultant.
    Her clients have included the Chicago Tribune newspaper to Glamour magazine; artsLouisville.com to arts4learning.org; the University of Chicago to the Coalition for Improved Education in South Shore (CEISS); and the Illinois College of Optometry to Kovler Diabetes Center.
    Carmen earned a BFA in creative writing from Stephens College in 1983, and an AM in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago in 1984.
Before establishing a fulltime freelance career, Carmen worked as an in-house publicist for the University of Chicago News Office from 1991-1995, as an editorial assistant for Inside Chicago magazine from 1989-1991, and as a high school English and humanities teacher at the Harvard School from 1986-1990.

Radiator Writing  

    In 2008, after running a freelance writing career for 13 years doing business as Carmen Marti, Carmen decided to give her business a name.
    At the time, Carmen was living in a particularly drafty, poorly insulated and badly heated house, watching DVDs of crackling fireplaces on TV—literally. She dreamed of those old-fashioned steel units that sit in the corner, clanking and sputtering with life, pumping hot steam through the room to make it warm. They were the way to heat a room. They worked, they got the job done. Radiators. Carmen longed for a radiator. She wanted to be a radiator. 


  She could be!
  She would be Radiator Writing … where the copy is hot! 
  Nice alliteration.

  Nice reference to print news rooms.

    So today, under the web name Radiator Writing, Carmen provides consulting, content and project management for electronic and print media projects, including websites, publications, and interactive media.

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